Find students

What you need to do?

If you are a tutor, there are a number of things you can do in order to increase the chances for getting responses from us.
Compose a Email for us and send us with following information:

Add one or more photos. This gives professional touch to your profile. Researches show that profiles with photos get 50-60% more responses. Do not SEND any animated pictures or, pictures of celebrities, pets, scenery or objects.

Write a detailed and comprehensive description about you. Its important to clearly mention your key skills, mode of teaching (e.g. online, one-to-one), qualifications and your achievements. To attract more students you can offer first class free or at discounted rate.

We suggests you to:

- First write the description in MS word, read it 2-3 times. Do not write the whole description in capital letters. Correct any grammar and spelling mistakes. Copy and paste it on compose. Make it 6-7 sentence or 80-100 words long. Do not just copy and paste your whole resume/ curriculum vitae. Write a paragraph in your own sentences.

- End your description in humble way, like: Thanks for your time; Thanks for looking at my profile; Please contact me for further details; Contact me for further details etc. These lines create an appeal in readers mind and most likely they contact you even if their requirements do not match 100% with your profile.

Below are some examples of good profile descriptions:

"Hi all, I am xyz. I have 5 years of experience of tutoring in the field of IIT entrance Mathematics. I am BTech in Electronics and currently work for a software firm. I am open to teach one-to-one or group classes. I own a conveyance and can teach anywhere in South kanpur. I prefer one to one teaching. Please contact me if interested on 85********12. Thanks for viewing my profile!"

"Hi Students, I am xyz, BSc in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and MSc in Chemistry. I am looking for students in govind nagar location for teaching chemistry of medical college entrance level. I have three years of teaching Chemistry for medical entrance exams, and have good success rate. Please contact me if you need references and know more details. I offer my first class Free as a trial class." Call me on 85********13

-You can also add a sample of your online tutoring video.

Leave your most current contact details. Sending us your phone number is mendatory but we will not public it as for your comfort but please provide easier way to contact you that we can public it like skype id or email address or facebook profile link etc.

With your photo we need one address prove like domicile, adhar card, DL, voter id card or passbook address page but will not approve control card or any private generated certificate.

Our Charges

Our service is totally free but due to difference in students and tutors ratio we have some premium package in which we insure you to get job in 45 days for sure and we charge for it of amount Rs. 700 if due to any circumstances we will be unable to find any job for you amount of Rs. 500 will be refunded as per our policy but still remains our tutor member. When you get the part time job from us will we will take 50% of your first month salary as our service fees per payment of first month. Before getting into our premium services please confirm all conditions.
*Term and conditions apply.