Arab invasion of India: historical significance,  the arrival of Turks

Arab invasion of India: historical significance Arrival of


arab invasion of India took place in which century

The Arabs’ invasion of India and the Arabs had started communications in the 7th century itself. But political relations were established during the invasion of Sindh in 712 AD. The arrival of Arabs in India is not as politically important as the other parties.

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effects of arab invasion in india

The Arab intruders could not create the kind of empire in India as they had built in different parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Even in Sindh, his power did not last long. But in terms of long-term results, it appears that the Arabs greatly affected Indian life and were also affected. 

Arab invasion of India: historical significance

Although in the past also India was attacked by Saka, Yavan, Kushan, Hun, etc. but Indian culture assimilated them. He embraced Indian religion and social ethics and lost his distinctiveness. They also had an impact on each other, however, both Hindus and Muslims continued to exist in Indian society with their own distinct cultures.

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The Arabs took education in medicine, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, and administration from Indians. Alfajari translated the books of Brahmagupta into Arabic. Alberuni states that the Panchatantra was also translated into Arabic.

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Sindh was the origin of the Sufi religious sect where Arab people lived. The influence of Buddhism can be seen in Sufism. The decimal system was adopted by Arabs from India in the 9th century. If seen from the immediate political point of view, it can be said that the Arabs presented a challenge that emerged to face such powers, which remained in India for the next three hundred years.

arab invasion of Iindia causes and impact

The reputation of Gurjara-Pratihara, Rashtrakuta, Chalukyas was established due to their opposition to the Arabs. The long-standing importance of the Arabs was that they demonstrated religious tolerance by not establishing religion in India. Although Zajia was used. The economic importance of the Arabs’ arrival to India can be seen in the field of trade.

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Indian merchants aligned with the maritime monopoly of Arab merchants and kept their trade activities dynamic in the western world and African territories.

The arrival of Turko

The Arabs invaded India before the invasion of the Turks, but the credit for establishing Muslim rule in India goes to the Turks. At the time of the Muslim invasion, once again the circumstances of decentralization and partition in India became active.

arab and turkish invasion in india

The Turkish invasion occurred in India in several stages. The first phase was invaded by Mahmud, the ruler of Ghazni between 1000 and 1027 AD. Prior to this, Sumbuktagin (Mahmud’s father) fought with the Hindushahi rulers, but his territory was limited, till the Gujarat region of India Mahmud established his rule but the remaining areas of northern India were still out of Ottoman influence.

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who established mughal dynasty in india

Later, the ruler of Gaur, Shihabuddin Mohammad, again made a military campaign in India. Between 1175 and 1206, he and two of his chief generals (Aibak and Bakhtiar Khilji) established power by conquering territories from Gujarat, Punjab to Bengal. But after the death of Ghori in 1206 AD, the Ottoman Empire was divided into several parts and later the Ottoman Empire was established in India under the name of Delhi Sultanate.

The state of India before the Ottoman invasions

Both Multan and Sindh regions were conquered by the Arabs in the early 8th century. The remnants of Arab power in Sindh still remained. The Hindushahi dynasty was a large Hindu state of northwest India, which extended from Kashmir to Multan and from the Chenab river to Hindukush. Mahmud attacked its capital Vaihind and the ruler here was Jaipal, who committed suicide when defeated.

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The region of Kashmir located in northern India was plagued with the political disorder since the time of Mahmud Ghaznavi’s invasion. The actual ruler here was Didda, the wife of Kshetragupta. Apart from the above-mentioned states, many small states existed in northern India at the time of the Muslim invasion.

  1. At the time of the Ottoman invasion, India was divided into hundreds of small states. Such as Sindh, Multan, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, etc.
  2. India did not have any special relationship with foreign countries at this time.
  3. The economic base of the states was weak and as a result, the military base was also weakened.

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This problem of the political division was not limited only to the Rajput states, but it also had a general impact on the life of the country. There was a complete lack of political unity in North India.

At this time, small states were made in the whole country, but no single state or ruler was so powerful, who could conquer them and establish a united state.

Internal infighting made them weak and it was not possible for them to resist foreign invasions effectively, Rajput rulers were responsible for this situation, as they were always struggling among themselves. This state of internal unrest eventually ended the existence of Rajput rulers.

Arab invasion of India pdf

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