Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd.: A Leader in Tuning Automobiles


Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned company in the field of tuning automobiles. With expertise in enhancing vehicle performance and aesthetics, Arthakarah Industries has become a trusted name among car enthusiasts. This article delves into the various aspects of Arthakarah Industries’ services, location, and customer reviews.

Services Offered by Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd.

1. Engine Tuning

Arthakarah Industries specializes in optimizing engine performance to deliver enhanced power, torque, and fuel efficiency. Their experienced technicians utilize advanced techniques to fine-tune engines for maximum output.

2. Suspension Upgrades

To improve handling and ride comfort, Arthakarah Industries offers suspension upgrades. By installing high-quality components, they ensure a smooth and stable driving experience, even on rough terrains.

3. Exterior Styling

Arthakarah Industries provides a wide range of exterior customization options to give vehicles a unique and sporty look. From body kits and spoilers to custom paint jobs, they can transform the appearance of any car.

4. Interior Enhancements

With their expertise in interior modifications, Arthakarah Industries can create a luxurious and comfortable cabin. They offer services such as upholstery upgrades, audio system installations, and ambient lighting customization.

5. Performance Exhaust Systems

Arthakarah Industries offers performance exhaust systems that not only improve the sound of the vehicle but also enhance engine performance. These exhaust systems are designed to minimize backpressure and maximize power output.

6. Brake Upgrades

For enhanced stopping power and improved safety, Arthakarah Industries provides brake upgrades. Their technicians install high-performance brake pads, rotors, and other components to ensure optimal braking performance.

7. Wheel and Tire Packages

Arthakarah Industries offers a wide selection of alloy wheels and high-performance tires. Customers can choose from various designs and sizes to enhance the overall look and performance of their vehicles.

8. Custom Tuning Solutions

With their expertise in tuning, Arthakarah Industries can develop custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers. They analyze vehicle data and make adjustments to optimize performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

Location and Contact Information

Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd. is located at 70 FIT ROAD, NEAR YATI YAMAHA SERVICE CENTER, BYEPASS ROAD, Anisabad, Patna, Bihar 800002. The company operates in the Shivpuri, Anisabad area of Patna. Customers can visit their location to avail themselves of their services or contact them at their phone number [insert phone number].

Customer Reviews

Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd. has received positive reviews from satisfied customers. With a rating of 4.1 out of 5, the company has earned a reputation for delivering quality services. To read customer reviews and testimonials, visit their Google Reviews page.

Photo Gallery

Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd. has an extensive collection of photos showcasing their work. To view the photo gallery, visit their Photo Gallery.


Arthakarah Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a leading player in the tuning automobile industry. With a wide range of services, a convenient location, and positive customer reviews, they have established themselves as a trusted name in Patna, Bihar. Whether it’s engine tuning, suspension upgrades, exterior styling, or any other customization needs, Arthakarah Industries delivers top-notch solutions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can Arthakarah Industries customize any car?
    Yes, Arthakarah Industries can customize various car models and makes according to customer preferences.

  2. What is the average turnaround time for their services?
    The turnaround time depends on the specific services requested. It is advisable to contact Arthakarah Industries directly for more information.

  3. Do they offer warranty on their services?
    Yes, Arthakarah Industries provides warranty coverage for their services. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the nature of the service.

  4. Are their technicians well-trained and experienced?
    Yes, Arthakarah Industries employs highly skilled technicians who are well-trained and experienced in their respective fields.

  5. Can they provide customized tuning solutions for racing enthusiasts?
    Absolutely! Arthakarah Industries has expertise in developing custom tuning solutions for racing enthusiasts, catering to their specific requirements.

  6. Do they offer financing options for their services?
    Arthakarah Industries does offer flexible financing options. Customers can inquire about the available financing options while discussing their requirements.

  7. Can they provide a quote for the desired modifications?
    Yes, Arthakarah Industries can provide a detailed quote for the desired modifications after assessing the specific requirements of the vehicle.

  8. Are their services limited to automobiles only?
    Yes, Arthakarah Industries specializes in tuning and customizing automobiles, including cars and SUVs.

  9. What are their working hours?
    For the working hours and availability, it is recommended to contact Arthakarah Industries directly.

  10. How can I book an appointment with Arthakarah Industries?
    To book an appointment, customers can visit their website or contact them via phone for further assistance.