BROTHERS COMPUTER SERVICE: The Ultimate Solution for Your Computer Needs

Are you facing computer-related issues? Look no further! BROTHERS COMPUTER SERVICE is here to provide you with top-notch computer services, computer accessories, computer networking solutions, computer repairs, and much more. With our wide range of services and expertise, we ensure that all your computer needs are met efficiently and effectively.

At BROTHERS COMPUTER SERVICE, we understand the importance of a well-functioning computer system in today’s digital world. Whether you need assistance with computer repairs, computer accessories, or computer networking, our team of experts is ready to help. We offer on-site services, ensuring that your computer issues are resolved conveniently and without any hassle.

Our Services

  1. Computer Repairs: Is your computer running slow? Are you experiencing frequent crashes or error messages? Our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix a wide range of computer issues, ensuring that your system runs smoothly.

  2. Computer Accessories: Enhance your computer’s performance with our high-quality accessories. From keyboards and mice to monitors and printers, we have everything you need to optimize your computer experience.

  3. Computer Networking: Whether you need assistance with setting up a wired or wireless network, our experts can help. We ensure that your network is secure, reliable, and tailored to your specific requirements.

  4. Data Recovery: Accidentally deleted important files? Don’t worry! Our data recovery services can retrieve your lost data from hard drives, flash drives, and other storage devices.

  5. Design and Marketing: Looking to create a professional website or boost your online presence? Our design and marketing services can help you create a visually appealing and engaging website that attracts customers.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Expertise: Our team of skilled technicians has years of experience in the field, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service.

  2. Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations with every service we provide.

  3. Timely Service: We understand the importance of timely service, and we work diligently to resolve your computer issues as quickly as possible.

  4. Competitive Prices: We offer competitive prices for all our services, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your money.

  5. Convenient Location: Located in Patna, Bihar, our service center is easily accessible, making it convenient for you to visit us.


BROTHERS COMPUTER SERVICE is your one-stop destination for all your computer needs. From repairs and accessories to networking and data recovery, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive prices, you can trust us to provide you with the best computer services in the area. Visit our website at to learn more about our services and contact us at +91 91530 90644 to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you repair all types of computers?
    Yes, our expert technicians can repair both desktop and laptop computers.

  2. Do you provide on-site services?
    Yes, we offer on-site services for your convenience.

  3. How long does it take to repair a computer?
    The time required for repairs depends on the complexity of the issue. Our technicians work efficiently to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

  4. Do you provide warranty for computer repairs?
    Yes, we provide a warranty for our repair services. Please contact us for more details.

  5. Can you recover data from a damaged hard drive?
    Yes, our data recovery services can retrieve data from damaged or corrupted hard drives.

  6. Do you offer remote support for computer issues?
    Yes, we provide remote support for certain computer issues. Please contact us for more information.

  7. What brands of computer accessories do you sell?
    We offer a wide range of computer accessories from reputable brands, ensuring high quality and compatibility.

  8. Can you assist with website design and marketing?
    Yes, our design and marketing services can help you create a professional website and enhance your online presence.

  9. Are your prices competitive?
    Yes, we offer competitive prices for all our services.

  10. Is BROTHERS COMPUTER SERVICE a verified and trusted provider?
    Yes, we are a verified and trusted computer service provider with a solid reputation in the industry.