Mobile Repairing Center: High-Quality Repairs for Your Devices

Welcome to the Mobile Repairing Center, your one-stop solution for all your mobile phone repair needs in Patna, Bihar. With our expertise and experience, we provide top-notch repair services to ensure your devices are up and running smoothly. Whether it’s a cracked screen, battery replacement, or any other issue, our skilled technicians are here to help. Trust us to deliver high-quality repairs that exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Mobile Repairing Center?

At Mobile Repairing Center, we understand the importance of your mobile devices in your daily life. That’s why we strive to offer exceptional repair services that stand out from the rest. Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Expert Technicians: Our team of expert technicians has extensive knowledge and experience in repairing various mobile phone brands and models. You can trust their expertise to provide accurate diagnostic assessments and effective solutions.

  2. Quality Repairs: We believe in using only the highest quality replacement parts for our repairs. This ensures that your device functions optimally and lasts longer.

  3. Quick Turnaround Time: We know how inconvenient it can be to be without your mobile device. That’s why we strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

  4. Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for our repair services, ensuring you get excellent value for your money.

  5. Excellent Customer Service: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and make your repair experience smooth and hassle-free.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of repair services to cover all your mobile phone needs. Here are some of the services we provide:

1. Screen Repair and Replacement

Accidents happen, and cracked screens are a common issue. Our skilled technicians can quickly and efficiently repair or replace your damaged screen, restoring your device’s visual appeal and functionality.

2. Battery Replacement

Is your mobile phone battery draining faster than usual? Our technicians can replace your old battery with a high-quality replacement, ensuring your device stays powered for longer.

3. Charging Port Repair

If your device is having trouble charging or connecting to other devices, it may be due to a faulty charging port. We can repair or replace the charging port to restore full functionality.

4. Water Damage Repair

Accidentally dropped your phone in water? Don’t panic! Our technicians specialize in water damage repairs and can assess the extent of the damage and provide effective solutions to revive your device.

5. Software Troubleshooting and Updates

Facing software issues or need to update your device’s software? Our technicians can troubleshoot software problems and perform updates to ensure your device runs smoothly and securely.

6. Camera Repair

If your mobile phone’s camera is not functioning properly, bring it to us. Our technicians have the expertise to repair or replace faulty cameras, ensuring you can capture memories with clarity.

7. Data Recovery

Lost important data? Our skilled technicians can help recover data from your device, minimizing the loss and ensuring you have access to your valuable files.

8. Speaker and Microphone Repair

Is your device experiencing sound issues? Our technicians can repair or replace faulty speakers and microphones, allowing you to communicate clearly and enjoy multimedia experiences.

9. Unlocking Services

Need to unlock your device? We offer unlocking services for various mobile phone models, providing you with more flexibility and freedom to switch carriers or use different SIM cards.

10. Accessories and Parts

We also stock a wide range of mobile phone accessories and parts, including cases, screen protectors, chargers, and more. Visit our store to explore our selection and find the perfect accessory for your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can you repair all mobile phone brands?
  2. How long does a typical repair take?
  3. Do you offer a warranty on your repairs?
  4. What payment methods do you accept?
  5. Can I mail my device to you for repair?
  6. Do you offer pick-up and delivery services?
  7. How much does a screen replacement cost?
  8. Are your technicians certified?
  9. Can you repair water-damaged iPhones?
  10. What should I do if my device gets wet?


When it comes to mobile phone repairs, trust the experts at Mobile Repairing Center. We are committed to providing high-quality repairs, exceptional customer service, and quick turnaround times. Visit us today at our location in Dujra Diara, Patna, or contact us at +91 72600 88378. Your devices are in good hands with us!