Poonam Mobile Repairing Centre

Poonam Mobile Repairing Centre: Your One-Stop Solution for Mobile Phone Repairs

Welcome to Poonam Mobile Repairing Centre, your trusted destination for all your mobile phone repair needs in Patna, Bihar. We are a one-stop solution for mobile phone repairs, copy services, and satellite communication services. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we aim to provide exceptional services to our customers.

Mobile Phone Repair Services

At Poonam Mobile Repairing Centre, we understand the importance of a functioning mobile phone in today’s fast-paced world. Our team of skilled technicians is well-equipped to handle a wide range of mobile phone repairs, including:

  1. Screen Replacement: Accidentally cracked your phone screen? Don’t worry! We can replace your damaged screen with a high-quality replacement that will restore your phone’s functionality and aesthetics.

  2. Battery Replacement: Is your phone’s battery draining too quickly or not holding a charge? Our experts can replace your old battery with a brand-new one, ensuring improved battery life and optimal performance.

  3. Charging Port Repair: Having trouble charging your phone? Our technicians can diagnose and fix any issues with your charging port, allowing you to charge your phone hassle-free.

  4. Water Damage Repair: Accidentally dropped your phone in water? Our team can assess the extent of the damage and perform necessary repairs to revive your water-damaged device.

  5. Software Troubleshooting: Experiencing software glitches or performance issues? We can help! Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and resolving software-related problems, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of your device.

  6. Camera Repair: Is your phone’s camera not functioning properly? Our experts can repair or replace the camera module, restoring your phone’s ability to capture high-quality photos and videos.

  7. Speaker and Microphone Repair: Having trouble with your phone’s speaker or microphone? We can fix any issues with sound quality, ensuring clear communication during calls and multimedia playback.

Copy Services

In addition to mobile phone repairs, we also offer copy services at Poonam Mobile Repairing Centre. Whether you need photocopies of important documents or printing services, we have you covered. Our efficient copy services ensure quick turnaround times and accurate results.

Satellite Communication Services

As a provider of satellite communication services, we offer solutions for reliable and uninterrupted communication in remote areas or during emergencies. Our satellite communication services enable voice and data transmission, ensuring connectivity when traditional networks are unavailable.

Contact Information

To avail our services or inquire about specific repairs, please reach out to us using the following contact details:

  • Phone: +91 88730 26905
  • Address: Jagat Narayan Lal Rd, Kadamkuan, Patna, Bihar 800003


At Poonam Mobile Repairing Centre, we strive to provide top-notch mobile phone repair services, copy services, and satellite communication solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our team of skilled technicians and our commitment to quality ensure that your devices are in safe hands. Contact us today for all your mobile phone repair needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: What types of mobile phone repairs do you specialize in?
    A: We specialize in various mobile phone repairs, including screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, water damage repair, software troubleshooting, camera repair, and speaker/microphone repair.

  2. Q: How long does it usually take to repair a mobile phone?
    A: The repair time depends on the type and complexity of the issue. Our technicians strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal inconvenience to our customers.

  3. Q: Do you provide a warranty for your mobile phone repairs?
    A: Yes, we provide a warranty for our mobile phone repairs. The warranty period may vary depending on the type of repair and the parts used.

  4. Q: Can you repair phones from all brands?
    A: Yes, we can repair phones from all major brands. Our technicians have experience in working with various phone models and brands.

  5. Q: Do I need to make an appointment for mobile phone repairs?
    A: While appointments are not mandatory, it is advisable to call us before visiting our store to ensure that a technician is available to attend to your repair needs.

  6. Q: Do you offer doorstep repair services?
    A: Currently, we do not offer doorstep repair services. However, you can visit our store for all your repair requirements.

  7. Q: How much will a mobile phone repair cost?
    A: The cost of mobile phone repairs depends on the type of repair, the extent of the damage, and the parts required. Our technicians will provide you with a detailed cost estimate after assessing your device.

  8. Q: Can you repair water-damaged phones?
    A: Yes, we specialize in repairing water-damaged phones. Our technicians will assess the damage and perform necessary repairs to restore your device.

  9. Q: Do you provide data recovery services?
    A: Yes, we offer data recovery services for mobile phones. Our experts will make every effort to recover your valuable data, subject to the extent of damage to the device.

  10. Q: Are your technicians trained and experienced?
    A: Yes, our technicians are trained and experienced in handling various mobile phone repairs. They undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest technologies and repair techniques.