Shree Hari Servicing Center

Shree Hari Servicing Center: Your One-Stop Shop for Electronics Repair in Patna

Shree Hari Servicing Center is a renowned electronics repair shop in Patna, Bihar, known for its comprehensive services and exceptional customer satisfaction. Whether it’s your smartphone, computer, or any other electronic device, the expert technicians at Shree Hari can diagnose and fix the problem with precision and care.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Shree Hari Servicing Center offers a wide range of repair services, catering to diverse electronic needs:

  • Mobile Phone Repair: From screen replacements to software issues, they handle all your smartphone repair requirements.
  • Computer Repair: Get your laptop, desktop, or any computer-related issues fixed by their skilled technicians.
  • Electrical Repair: Experience reliable solutions for all your electrical appliance problems.

Expertise and Quality You Can Trust

The technicians at Shree Hari are highly skilled and experienced in handling various electronic devices. They utilize advanced tools and techniques to ensure quality repairs and long-lasting solutions.

Customer-Centric Approach

Shree Hari places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Their friendly and approachable staff provides clear explanations, transparent pricing, and prompt service.

Convenient Location and Accessibility

Located at J457+399, Post Office Road, Punaichak, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Shree Hari Servicing Center is easily accessible for residents of Patna.

A Legacy of Excellence

Shree Hari Servicing Center has earned a reputation for its reliable services and dedication to customer satisfaction. With a high rating of 4.9 stars on Google, they have garnered over 57 positive reviews, a testament to their commitment to quality.

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Beyond Repair: Preventive Maintenance

Shree Hari emphasizes the importance of preventive maintenance for prolonging the lifespan of your electronic devices. They offer expert advice and services to help you keep your devices in optimal condition.

Affordable Solutions for Every Budget

Shree Hari Servicing Center believes in providing affordable solutions for all your repair needs. They offer transparent pricing and strive to offer the best value for your money.

Contact Shree Hari Today

For all your electronics repair needs in Patna, Shree Hari Servicing Center is your trusted partner. Contact them at +91 93342 39724 for a quick and reliable solution.


Shree Hari Servicing Center is the go-to destination for all your electronics repair needs in Patna. Their expert technicians, comprehensive services, customer-centric approach, and affordable solutions make them the ideal choice for keeping your devices in perfect working condition.


Q1. What types of electronic devices do you repair?

A: We repair a wide range of electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, and various electrical appliances.

Q2. How much do your repair services cost?

A: Our repair services are priced competitively, and we provide transparent pricing upfront. The cost depends on the specific device and the nature of the repair.

Q3. What is your turnaround time for repairs?

A: Our turnaround time for repairs depends on the complexity of the issue. We strive to complete most repairs as quickly as possible, and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

Q4. Do you offer any warranties on your repairs?

A: Yes, we offer warranties on all our repairs. The warranty period varies depending on the type of repair.

Q5. Are your technicians certified?

A: Yes, our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and they are equipped to handle various electronic repairs.

Q6. How do I get in touch with Shree Hari Servicing Center?

A: You can contact us at +91 93342 39724 or visit our shop at J457+399, Post Office Road, Punaichak, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna.

Q7. What are your operating hours?

A: Our operating hours are [Please add the operating hours of Shree Hari Servicing Center].

Q8. Do you offer any discounts?

A: We offer special discounts and promotions from time to time. Please check with us for current offers.