ICSC Selina Concise Mathematics Solution Class-6 PDF Download

Selina Concise Mathematics Solution Class-6 PDF. Which can Download in one Click. Selina Concise Mathematics Solution are given in Chapter wise. Which can view Easily.

ICSC Selina Concise Mathematics Solution Class-6 PDF Download. All Chapters are given Below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter-1Number System
Chapter- 2Estimation
Chapter- 3Number in India and International
Chapter- 4Place Value
Chapter- 5Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers
Chapter- 6Negative Numbers and Integtres
Chapter- 7Number Line
Chapter- 8HCF and LCM
Chapter- 9Playing with Numbers
Chapter- 10Sets
Chapter- 11Ratio
Chapter- 12Proportion
Chapter- 13Unitary Method
Chapter- 14Fractions
Chapter- 15Decimal Fractions
Chapter- 16Present (Percentage)
Chapter- 17Idea of Speed, Distance and Time
Chapter- 18Fundamental Concept
Chapter- 19Fundamental Operations
Chapter- 20Substitution
Chapter- 21Framing Algebraic Expressions
Chapter- 22Simple (Linear) Equations
Chapter- 23Fundamental Concepts
Chapter- 24Angels
Chapter- 25Properties of Angels and Lines
Chapter- 26Triangles
Chapter- 27Quadrilateral
Chapter- 28Polygons
Chapter- 29The Circle
Chapter- 30Revision Exercise Symmetry
Chapter- 31Recognition of Solid
Chapter- 32Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
Chapter- 33Data Handling
Chapter- 34Mean and Median