TS Grewal Solutions

1. 11th-accounting

2. 12th-accounting

TS Grewal Solutions Class 11 Solution

Chapter 1- Accounting Terms
Chapter 2- Accounting Equation
Chapter 3- Accounting Procedures Rules of Debit and Credit
Chapter 4- Origin of Transactions Sources Documents and Preparation of Voucher
Chapter 5- Journal
Chapter 6- Ledger
Chapter 7- Special Purpose Books 1 Cash Book
Chapter 8- Special Purpose Books 2 Cash Book
Chapter 9- Bank Reconciliation Statement
Chapter 10- Trial Balance
Chapter 11- Depreciation
Chapter 12- Accounting for Bills Exchange
Chapter 13- Rectification of Errors
Chapter 14- Adjustments in Preparation of Financial Statements
Chapter 15- Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship
Chapter 16- Accounts from Incomplete Records Single Entry System

TS Grewal Solutions Class 12 Volume 1

Chapter 1- Company Accounts Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organisations
Chapter 2- Accounting for Partnership Firms- Fundamentals
Chapter 3- Goodwill- Nature and Valuation
Chapter 4- Change in Profit – Sharing Ratio Among the Existing Partners
Chapter 5- Admission of a Partner
Chapter 6- Retirement Death of a Partner
Chapter 7 – Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Chapter 8- Accounting for Share Capital
Chapter 9- Issue of Debentures
Chapter 10- Redemption of Debentures


Mr. TS Grewal is rightfully regarded as the salvation of today’s business students. When it came to the issues of commerce and management, he was a leading figure. He was a humanist as well as an educator who tremendously influenced everybody who came into contact with him. He lived by particular beliefs and ideas, and his way of life acts as a beacon for many of us today. He published numerous publications in national and international journals, as well as writing a number of textbooks for management and commerce students.
In the spring of 1968, he was accepted into the Harvard Business School’s International Teachers Program, which he not only finished but also distinguished in five of his courses. He was a brilliant scholar who began producing books many years ago and continues to help pupils learn a great deal. His textbooks cover a wide range of topics, including management, cost accounting, and accountancy. All Commerce students studying at the Central Board of Secondary Education would benefit from his books.