T.R. Jain and V.K. Ohri Solutions Class 11 Statistics Economics Chapter 13 – Index Numbers

Chapter 13- Index Numbers

We have posted here the Tr Jain Vk Ohri 2019 Solutions for Class 11 Commerce Economics Chapter 13 Index Numbers. These solutions include with clear and concise explanations of each step. Students in Class 11 Commerce who are studying Economics find these solutions for Index Numbers to be very useful. These solutions come in helpful for swiftly finishing your homework and preparing for exams. This page contains the solutions to all of the problems and answers found in the Tr Jain Vk Ohri 2019 Book of Class 11 Commerce Economics Chapter 13. You can access this page at no cost. You are going to like the fact that Studypedia’s Tr Jain Vk Ohri 2019 Solutions do not contain any advertisements. All of the Tr Jain Vk Ohri 2019 Solutions for Class 11 Commerce Economics have been meticulously crafted by subject matter experts and are guaranteed to be spot-on.

ClassClass 11
SubjectStatistics for Economics
ChapterChapter 13
Chapter NameIndex Numbers
Number of questions solved02
CategoryT.R. Jain and V.K. Ohri

The following ideas will be discussed in this chapter:

  • The idea behind index numbers and how they are defined
  • Index number attributes and characteristics
  • A method for constructing weighted index numbers
  • The utilisation of Fisher’s index numbers as the optimal technique
  • Number representing the consumer price index or the cost of living index

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